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Photochromic Lenses

Sight is one of the most relied on senses, however, more often than not it is taken for granted. Having perfect vision is great but there is more to your eye health needs than just clarity. Our eyes need protection from UV rays, eye fatigue, and glare. A great option that can provide all of this protection is Transitions or photochromic lenses.

Our eyes are constantly adapting to changing light, from a computer screen, to overhead lighting, walking into a dark room or stepping outdoors, each time the lighting changes your eyes must dilate or squint, over the course of a day this can be a tiresome task for your eyes. Transitions lenses will adjust to the light intensity when you go outside. Taking some of the work off of your eyes, while giving you full UV protection.

Yet another cause of eye fatigue and strain is blue light. In small amounts blue-turquoise light can be beneficial, by helping to regulate a sleep/wake cycle, however, blue-violet light can be quite harmful. Due to the increased use of technology, we are more exposed to blue-violet light than ever before. Transitions lenses can help to balance this growing exposure. Transitions Signature lenses filter 1.4x more harmful blue light than a clear lens indoors and 8x more than a clear lens outdoor! While the Transitions XTRActive lenses filter 2x more harmful blue light indoor and 8x more outdoor than a clear lens.

With a wide range of colors and options, there is a Transitions lens for everyone! You’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing your lens are not only stylish but protective as well.